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In our modern computerized world it is amazing to see the high level of perfection that most manufacturers of ready-to-wear have achieved. Too bad that more and more consumers are getting tired of products that look too perfect and industrial. They much prefer clothes with a handmade feeling.
One way of achieving the anti-READY-TO-WEAR look is through heavy deconstruction: designing clothes that look as though they were run over by a truck or exploded by a bomb. Then put back together again, like the pieces of a broken vase.
One new type of garment is made out of several patches of the same type of fabric, in different shades of one colour. Other items will look drastically customized -or downright puzzling, as when different garment types are 'accidentally' sewn back together to become a new type of fashion misfit.


Marc Jacobs
Junya Watanabe
Giles Deacon