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This seasons sudden silhouette change is not only a matter of pumping up the volumes. After years of exhibiting navel piercings, boxer-short elastics, thongs and hips, its time to pick up those dropped waistbands and celebrate the comeback of the high waist. Or accentuate both interest zones by wearing tops that seem to have been sliced in two.
Every well-known garment will look rebelliously cool when surprisingly cut off at the chest, from blazer to fur coat to down jacket.
Coat sleeves are also up for some serious nip-and-tuck fun. Think mostly 3/4 lengths here, with really short or capped sleeves for the fashion forward customer. Wear them layered over warm winter knits or elbow-high gloves, combined with another chopped-up fashion must: the winter bermuda or shorts.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton
Stella McCartney
Veronique Leroy