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(De tekst onder de kop is gewoon zwart of wit hoor, soms gaat er om onbegrijpelijke redenen iets mis met het omzetten van bestanden....)


Style in the '80s was all about geometry. Remember Thierry Mugler's padded-shoulder creations that formed a perfect triangle towards the accentuated waists? The matching pyramid-shaped earrings? It was one big triangle, circle and square fiesta back then, from the big geometrical hairdos to Rubik's cubes to Ettore Sottsass's colourful Memphis designs.
Twenty years later, geometry is back in the fashion spotlight. The good news: rather than repeating the pastel mistakes from the '80s (remember those patterned duvet covers?), these latest variations on geometrical shapes are mostly inspired by modern art and architecture.

Matthew Ames
Jeremy Scott