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The bad boy look is over. No more dusty denims, wrinkled shirts or stained T-shirts with grubby graphics.
The freshly ironed preppy look is slowly but surely charming its way back onto the front pages of fashion. Welcome back to clothes for the perfect daughter- and son-in-law.

The preppy look is making a return from its heyday in the late 1980s, when Ralph Lauren took the world by storm with his beige chinos and ice-cream-coloured polo shirts. His clothes were colourful, yet very serious.
Now the take is not quite so straight. The first generation of preppies for the new millennium comes in 4 different -but always ironic- flavours.

Dolce & Gabbana

The democratization of the boarding school uniforms from Harvard and Oxbridge. But always in combination with rebellious jeans and sportswear items to make them perfectly winter 2007/08 proof.

Savile Row:
The rebellious look of uber-authentic tailored classics like the vests, dress shirts, ties and blazers that bankers wear to work, combined with jeans and other sportswear items.

Seventies Preppy:
Picture the Clintons as a newlywed couple, long before Miss Lewinsky came along to trouble their idyllic image. Dressed for success the '70s way, with some serious hippie influences.

An ironic tribute to the British elite going down to their country houses for some old-fashioned hunting or polo playing. Take inspiration from Ralph Lauren's tartan checks and flying duck embroideries, but be sure to pimp them up in a stylish and playful 2008 way.