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At the moment the richest 20 percent of the world's population (Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia) consumes 86 percent of the available raw materials and energy. Add to this unequal distribution the enormous assault on the environment and one understands the need to consume less. The very first Buy-Nothing-Day was launched at the start of the 90s. The event is held annually on the last Saturday of November. (www.ecoplan.org/ibnd). Forty countries participate in this initiative including Holland, which promotes it as Niet Winkeldag (www.koopniets.nl). In the land of the rising sun, where consuming seems to have been invented, the buy-nothing message is represented by big belly "Zen" Santas. In Buddha position at the entrance of big department stores, Zen and his followers hope to keep the buy crazy Japanese away from their Xmas shopping. This is similar to the tireless attempts of the 'Satan Claus' activists in the USA. One day off the shopping calendar will not make much of a difference of course. Think of the 24/7 shopping on the Internet! And so there are those who favor a much more radical approach: eliminate income tax and levy huge taxes on goods that are a threat to humans and the environment. Is this the solution? Shop Till You Drop? Stop!

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Image: Buy Nothing Day flyers.