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In the 80s all walls were white. A decade later it was suddenly fashionable to paint one wall in a different color. But whoever wants to be modern when it comes to interior decoration should brace themselves because tomorrow's living room walls will be as spectacular as the walls of any modern art gallery.

The inspiration for tomorrow's living room walls comes directly from the modern art gallery. At www.cnap-ville-arson.fr: a few beautiful examples of the new wall paintings for the recent "Lee 3 Tau Ceti Central Armory Show" exhibition in Nice.




It's always been maintained that the interior decoration of a home mirrors its owner's personality. If that's true then we are all hopelessly dull and have little fantasy, given the standard white walls that serve as our backdrop. But the reign of white is running out. On the horizon the newest trend in wall decor is already stirring. It doesn't have anything to do with the recent wave of minimalism, nor does it rely on a pretty poster here and Ralph Lauren wallpaper there. No, just as in any modern art museum, the wall itself is now the canvas for a strong artistic statement. The more conceptual the better. Beauty is less important than the message behind it. Subtlety is out of the question. It's all about the idea. Show your guests who you are and what you stand for. Are you a creative person? Why not glue plastic dinner trays from floor to ceiling like Comme de Garcons' Tokyo boutique. Are you a critical non-consumer? Surf immediately to www.cneai.com and order - as a sarcastic anti-statement- artist Claude Closky's wallpaper covered with NASDAQ stock market quotations. Or you might offer a provocative contrast to all the misery on television with funny children's room designs by Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist who livened up Louis Vuitton's monogram recently with bright cartoon characters. What if walls could talk? Take one step forward and decide what they will say about you!