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Tomorrow's wall is the ultimate status symbol. Sounds good, but the fear of a blank sheet of paper is a hundred times stronger if it's a virgin 10X3 meter wall. Fortunately, hip deco magazines are full of creative DIY tips. Varying from thousands of colorful Ikea plastic straws glued next to each other to create a relief effect, to diagonal stripes of thumbtacks pressed into walls for those who have a few months to spare. This winter, Habitat-France will accommodate the somewhat less creative among us with ready-made vinyl wall stickers designed by a group of French designers and graphic artists including Matali Crasset and Antoine & Manuel. Ellipse forms decoratively glued one on top of the other are the oeuvre of Jean-Marc Ballée. It's really a snap! I bet Ralph Lauren will have vinyl flower wall stickers in its collection in five years' time.

(Sales information: stephane.arriuberge@habitat.fr)