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no-no's sample


When you take something from a shop without paying are you also consuming less? Not really, but it's very anti-consumer. It appears that the ultimate hype, completely in the jackass trend, is going to be, luxury shoplifting. Think Wynona Ryder, the American actress, caught stealing designer clothes in a luxury department store in Beverly Hills. This prompted designer Marc Jacobs to feature her as the face of his current ad campaign. Braving security and alarm systems by stealing a Gucci bag is highly respected by some, but for the truly trendy kleptomaniac, it's too easy. They go for goods that are not available anywhere! The chic English magazine Wallpaper recently published its want list of beyond-exclusive robber trophies. This includes Prada's in house ski instructors' uniforms and the elegant shoes exclusively made by Jimmy Choo for the manicurists of New York's BuffSpa nail bar. Try to wrest a pair of those from their perfectly polished feet!
Your cool quotient amongst French fashion connoisseurs will soar with this black glossy Adidas bag. The bag was exclusively made for the sport brand's megastore on Paris's Rue de Rivoli where it is used as an in-house shopping basket. It isn't for sale and even more difficult to steal because of its big anti-theft magnetic clips. Adidas Store 148, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris




Photos: Fer / Model: Pablo Paciente