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no-no's sample


Once you have acquired the taste for consuming less, the avalanche of advertisements designed to incite buying becomes increasingly offensive. In the past we were able to smile at a funny ad, or enjoy the glossy image of some campaigns. But now we are beyond fed up with all those false promises. For more than twenty years we've spritzed ourselves with expensive scent, but we're still waiting for the wild sex promised by those fragrance ads. Meanwhile Marlboro cigarette smokers have become cancer patients not cowboys. The time seems right for the truth. Wouldn't Nike make more of an impression, especially to those under 20, with the slogan: "Out of respect for the environment: Buy us only if you really need us." The Canadian magazine Adbusters is a real anti-advertisement pioneer and the initiator of the worldwide Buy Nothing Days.




Here are some examples of the ad exposÚs that can be found at www.adbusters.org.